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About us

Evdokia’s car & bike rental operates on Amorgos island since 2011 and is a family business. In this short time we managed to be one of the most reliable and responsible car and scooter rentals on the island.

Evdokia car and bike rental office

Evdokia car & bike rental office

Our office is in the centre of Aegiali just opposite of the ferry ticket office. Our staff is there to meet and assist you. We are open every day between 9h-21h. You can also pick up or leave your vehicle outside office hours.

For rentals of 5 days or more we offer special rates and deals. Also, we always provide other non-regular offers when you rent a car or bike from us. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

Evdokia’s car & bike rental offers you the most convenient and safe way to explore the island of the Big Blue. Whether you are looking for a car or bike for your vacation or your professional needs, we are here to provide you with the right vehicle.

For your convenience, we deliver and collect our vehicles not only from our office in Aegiali, but also from the two ports of the island (Aegiali & Katapola) and from the hotel you are staying in.

Evdokia car and bike rental Amorgos office

Evdokia car and bike rental office

We are always ready and willing to help you discover the hidden beauty of Amorgos. If you any questions or need more information don’t hesitate to contact us.